You Can't Avoid It!

Hey Tribe,

Happy Monday! Let me ask you a question, are you avoiding the unavoidable? 

As I continue this journey as a business owner the one thing that is never easy to embrace is the constant pivoting.  Pivoting requires more of you and sometimes it can create an uneasiness that will open the door of fear if you are not careful. 

As I had to say to myself, I am now saying to you, what if instead of fear we learn to embrace change? As I am in this season of constant pivots I am learning that it is the key to unlocking new opportunities, shaping clarity, and aiding me in maximizing my FULL potential.

Truth; it takes courage and faith to step outside of our comfort zones and explore new paths, but what I have experienced is the rewards can be immeasurable.

As I take this deep breathe into my next pivot personally and professionally, I want you to breathe and take your first step to what is in store for you! It's bigger and brighter and it's going to blow your mind.

Stay tuned as I release some upcoming changes in the business on April 17th.  In addition our Spring Launch will be on April 17th.  Tribe words could never express how grateful I am for your support as we continue to pivot and grow!