Designing For The Human Experience!

Designing for the human experience

Designing For The Human Experience

I don't know about you but most of my loyal shopping experiences is driven by connection.  In a world where digital is the most opted form of communication, it can be easy to get caught up in just pushing products and services.  As a designer it is so important to be responsible in aligning your brand to create spaces and experiences that are meaningful as well as engaging.  

Designing really comes down to understanding who you are serving and how to make their love language of art to come alive.  When I think back about the shift in my business and the focus that has brought it alive it's really been connection.  Connecting with fellow creatives, connecting with community, connecting with mentors and contributors of perspective and insight. 

One of the questions I am asked often is do you wear other brands, I often chuckle inside as my response is well of course I do.  While designing is my ultimate passion, as well as I desire to be supported, I support others as well and sometimes they are designers.  A world that opened my eyes to the importance of this is not only being a designer but also an influencer.  This space has allowed me to embrace beautiful introductions of local, sustainable brands, many of these brands resonate with me, and my lifestyle so why not support.  This alone has inspired me to start a blog called "Designing For The Human Experience", in this blog you can expect new items, beautiful sister brands, and the things I love to shop that adorn my style and brand as a designer.  One day while on youtube university this video hit my feed and I watched it and when I say the impact and the perspective, it makes sense!

The moral of this blog is to say the best of you is never to be alone, but to build with purpose. While it seemed as I was quiet in these Zuriel Streets, I promise i have not been.  I have been building community and taking a seat at the desk of learning to ensure that I serve my community well. 

I can't wait to share with you some of my upcoming favs as well as some of the best community connections that I have made.  Just today I had the wonderful opportunity of connecting with OHM Radio, here in Charleston, in which we discussed Crown Day which is upcoming on July 3rd.  This in depth conversation with two other beautiful local business owners created not only a space of dialogue but as well as a network of business support.  

Zuriel Tribe, its been a ride but a good one and I am so looking forward to hitting the next mile with you.  
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