The Family Design

Hey Tribe,
As entrepreneurs, business owners, and creatives let's be honest, it can be tough designing for the human experience with the ones we love the most.  Thinking back to my days in the corporate space it was always an email, a conference call, a budget, training day, that stripped the element of family time away.  Even as birthed Zuriel Kingdom Collections, that first year and, let's be honest even the second year I was still challenged in releasing that grind culture and creating a company built upon the foundation of faith, family then business. 
When I birthed Zuriel Kingdom Collections, almost three years ago I remember the fight of breaking away from that grind of life. It was not until about 6 months ago that I became very intentional about how I desired to build my business.  For me, it is and will always be faith, the family then business.  Foundation is key and I promise you it matters in how you actually show up in your business. 
4 Generations of family together was a feeling like no other, and to know this can be a fleeting part of life if the design is not right! Tribe as I sat with my thoughts as I was preparing for the blog, I chose raw images and not the perfect ones, I chose to be honest because the truth is a liberating thing!  A reality for me, for you, is that we hold the key to how we design and show up in life and in business.  I had to ask myself Shaniequa, how do you have a tagline "Creating Dope Fashion For The Soul" and, your soul is depleted!  I have a question for you today tribe, how are you showing up, personally and professionally? Are you robbing Peter to pay Paul in your life and Peter never gets paid back? We honestly have a choice on how we choose to be present with ourselves and this only allows us to be present in the right ways in the things that we need to show up for in our lives. 
Tribe, as I close this blog, this month, and this chapter as I turn the page on another year in business, I am excited in so many ways but more than anything I am very intentional in this season of growth and expansion.  Brene Brown said it best for me "Faith is a place of mystery, where we find the courage to believe in what we cannot see and the strength to let go of our fear of uncertainty. I  had to let go of not knowing what the future holds and holding on to what I had right now which mattered the most. Tribe I want to say thank you for taking this ride with me, on August 26th we will jump the three-year threshold, I am grateful and excited to do what I need to do now so that we can continue doing what we do best!  We will continue to build community as our core foundation, one day at a time.  We will continue to perfect the quality of our goods knowing that quality will always override quantity and most importantly we will keep designing for the human experience.  Until the next blog, I want to say to you thank you for being the best part of us!

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