Sew Happy

Sew Happy

This style, let me tell you there is something about the joy of a flowey dress that is embedded with love behind every stitch! Let's face it all dresses are not created equal and finding the right style can be laborious in more ways than one!

As a designer the human experience should always be a factor, but as a creative the imagination can sometimes strip away that very important factor and you will find yourself making to be making instead of making with intention and purpose.  After some time of mixing, matching and exploring I finally came upon the perfect dress and her name is Stella! (Giggling as I share her name).

Stella is a dress of purpose as she has flow, no zippers, the perfect arm length and can give a little edge if you take the cami off for that perfect dinner date with the hubs! As a curvaceous woman I understand the woes of dress designs that don't compliment your grown woman era!  Hey Stella!!!!!

Queen, look no further as Stella is the one.  

Same dress different print, which gives a completely different look. Oh Stella!

Stella is officially a win as one of our signature all year round dresses.  You can look forward to her coming in a sleeveless ruffle, long sleeved for the fall/winter and puffed sleeve for my Queen's who live for a little dramatics.  

This design made me completely 'Sew Happy". The lesson in designing for this human experience is embracing the ability to design for the journey! Many women who have been polled have expressed they have the same dress in multiple colors, especially when the dress solves their dress woes.  

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