Unconditional Self- Love

Unconditional self love
Wow! It's those moments in life that create life and create gestures of Wow!  As much as I love fashion and everything that comes with it, if you knew the Shaniequa of five years ago I would have never had these arms out and for sure would not wear a strapless dress. Queen, the reality is this is the story for so many, they love fashion but have limits to what they would ever see themselves in and that for me must change! Unconditional love, not the one that is given by someone else but the one that loves every stage of your existence allows you to be ok with the small changes that come along the way in life and one of those will be that you may be a little fluffier in your later than your former.  Truth I have always been curvy, thick thighs and something behind, but when I hit 40 let's just say things changed and I can't say initially that I loved any second of it. In a transparent moment, it impacted my creativity in designing and producing collections within my business, even the thought of making a dress or paints, almost sucked the life out of me, so I resorted to joggers and tees which was never a part of my former wardrobe unless I was working out and it was for sure impacting my later.  
Unconditional self love
For as long as I have ever known good fashion was for those skinny chics and this very thought not only plagued the love I had for myself but also the love I had for fashion.  The reality is menopause is real, and as we age we change and this is not a disclosure to throw ourselves away as so many women do.  About 8 months ago I decided it's time to re-write the fashion rules, and make inclusivity the foundation for my upcoming collections. Not only did this aid my business as I chose to 'Design for The Human Experience" it created a new confidence within me.  Creating for the curvy woman is more than just creating a garment- it's about creating a place of belonging and a love language for self and body love unconditionally.  
unconditional self love
The birthing of this very dress 'The Stella Dress" gave me my groove back, flow, accentuating the curves and bust, while still giving some regal flare. You can see the joy on my face as I wear it at a Go Red Charity event in full confidence.  It was in the birthing of this dress that I got my mojo back.  This dress gave me sound to be an advocate for my curvy sisters bringing awareness that every curve should be celebrated, every body should feel empowered, From stylish dresses to flattering accessories, Zuriel Kingdom is on a mission to redefine fashion to be a place of inclusion and empowerment for all. 
Unconditional Love
Defining moments like this remind me of the power of unconditional love, the moments like this that elevate the moments you have with yourself.    As we close out this weeks conversation I want to close by saying, Embrace your curves, rock your style, and let your confidence shine through. Join us in designing new spaces that ensures that inclusivity is not just a trend. Because when it comes to fashion, everybody deserves to feel beautiful. Stay tuned for the 'Fit & Flare" dress that will be hitting the website soon. It will be available in short, long and in puffed sleeves.
Check out out latest summer accessories that will drop on the site this week, Queen, be sure to never miss a new drop or restock subscribing to the site at www.zurielkingdomcollections.com  I hope you will become a part of the tribe! Until next week, Be Bold, Be YOU!

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